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The Quirky Egg Minder Review

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The Quirky Egg Minder Review

Th Egg Minder

Product : Quirky Egg Minder

Product code: PEGGM-WH01

Dimensions: 4.4 x 14.6 x 3.2 inches

Shipping Weight: 2.6 pounds

Price: $9.99

My Rating:

The Quirky Egg Minder also known as the Quirky egg minder wink app enabled smart tray, was a product born from the General Electric and Quirky collaboration in an effort to come up with an IOT(Internet of Things) product. It was first launched in the mid 2013 and it sold at about $15 then.


The Egg Minder is a sleek designed white tray with Wi-Fi capability and 14 egg slots. It connects to some server and transmit data to an app (Wink app) that is downloadable on to smartphones.


The tray is designed like a scale with sensors at the egg slots. Once eggs are put on the tray, the sensors detect the presence of the eggs and send that information to the app. The app in return has a 3d image of the tray and shows the number of eggs on the tray based on the information received from the tray.


Furthermore, the tray has a tiny LED light around each egg slot. The LED light tells you which egg is the oldest. When one opens the tray, the oldest Egg slot’s blue LED light will flicker. On picking the oldest egg, the next LED light with the second oldest egg will flicker and so on.


It instantly connects to your mobile device over any WiFi network and works with other products on the Wink app.

How to use

  • Download the Wink app onto your smartphone following the instructions provided.
  • The app will enable WiFi connectivity between your mobile device and the tray.
  • Turn the egg minder on
  • Open the wink app on your mobile device and follow the instructions to connect to the egg minder.
  • Add the eggs on the tray and replace the lid. The Egg Minder requires the use of the lid to work effectively. For optimal performance, use the lid as instructed in the manual.
  • The glowing blue LED indicates the oldest egg in the tray.


  • The design and the whole idea is smart and keeps your fridge well organized.
  • It is convenient in that you can always take stock of your eggs and buy new eggs on time.
  • It is a sociable item as almost everyone would like to hear or talk about the Egg minder
  • It shows you which egg to use first.
  • It is very affordable – about $10


  • At times the Egg Finder fails to connect to the server.
  • A lot of care is needed when cleaning the tray as water would damage it.
  • Sometimes the information submitted to the mobile device is erratic. For instance wrong egg count and wrong egg position.


Although there might be issues with connectivity and probably erratic information at times. I think the Egg Minder addresses a real day to day problem and it is cool to have such a gadget given the affordable price and the quality of it’s design.

It can also be a great $10 gift to someone you care about. And especially to big families where parents can easily lose track of how many eggs were left in the fridge it can be so handy.

Have a smart Fridging life!

Let me know what you think about this product after reading the review.


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6 thoughts on “The Quirky Egg Minder Review

  1. This is a great product! I actually buy eggs, and sometimes they sit in the fridge for probably too long. So besides this telling me how much longer my eggs have, it is a great egg holder 🙂 I was wondering, when I bring the eggs home from the store, does the time start then for freshness, or does it sense how fresh the egg is at purchase?

    1. Hi Matts Mom,

      Thanks for checking out my post.

      Yes, you are right. The counter starts from when you bring the eggs from the shop. It might not be super accurate but it helps to ensure that you don’t use new eggs when there are old eggs in the fridge.

  2. Very cool product, its a great idea for a gift for someone who loves kitchen gadgets. This is also a unique gift those who are so difficult to shop for.

    1. Hi Linsey,

      Thank you for reading my post and yes, the gift is very cool addition in the kitchen and for anyone who keep eggs in the fridge.The would be a next birthday gift to a close friend of mine.

  3. Wow. Now I’ve seen it all. I love the idea. I always look on the carton and just go by the “sell by” date. But this is radical! Thanks for a great article.

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