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Playable ThinkGeek Electronic Guitar Shirt Review – The fun way to socialize

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Playable ThinkGeek Electronic Guitar Shirt Review.

Playable Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt T-Shirt - Black, M by ThinkGeek

Product: Playable ThinkGeek Electronic Guitar Shirt

Price Range: $13 to $30

The Cheapest place to buy:


Sizes: S, M, L, XL.2X, 3X

My rating: 8.5/10

In my search for that one more bizarre product I came upon the Playable Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt from Think Geek – The ThinkGeek Electronic Guitar Shirt. The product itself has been around for quite a long time but like many I didn’t know about.

When I saw the T-shirt I was wowed by the genius.

The T-shirt itself is simple. It is 65% cotton and 35% polyester so it’s great for absorbing sweat.

The T-shirt comes with a thin removable guitar strap that blends in perfectly with the flame design print giving it the rock look. It also comes with a mini amp that goes all the way to 11!

First, spare your excitement as the guitar on the T-shirt has no chance replacing any real electric guitars, but I give credit to the designers for their effort to replicate real electric guitar sound. According to the maker, all major chords were recorded from a real guitar and allows one to strum just as he would a real guitar.

If you know a thing or two about guitars, you might understand when I say it is much easier to play given the fact that each button on the guitar neck is a major chord and there are only three buttons. The amp on the other hand clips well on the belt so the wearer has no need to worry about how to move around with the amplifier.

My first concern when I saw the t-shirt was if it was washable. The good news is all electronic components can be removed before the wash. It comes with a detailed manual on how to remove the components. It’s also machine washable.

How it works.(Click for video clip)

The guitar neck is an electronic pad which is connected to a tiny amp. The guitar neck has 3 buttons representing all major chords. Play the guitar by strumming the strings on the guitar head with your right hand and push the buttons or the neck pad to produce the sound of your liking.

Although there are 3 major chords represented by the three buttons on the guitar neck, the guitar has 12 chords located on the neck pad frets or above and below the buttons.

One more surprise!

For those who want to blast the guitar beyond it’s tiny amp’s capability, there is an out put jack for the external amplifier. That means
playing at a concert with your Playable Electronic Guitar shirt(Click for video)

isn’t that far fetched. Actually some groups have put it into use in concerts.

Who is it for?

ThinkGeek Electronic Guitar Shirt was mainly made to target young men and women and the age range can be from 5 years old to guys in their 30s. It is good for occasions, such as parties. Some people use it for Halloween to compliment their rock attire.


  • It is a very social item in that it pulls people around the wearer.
  • Good for parties and occasions as it can be a conversation starter.
  • You don’t need any skills to play it.
  • It is a cheaper way to own something like an Electric guitar and look awesome.
  • When you are tired of walking around with the guitar strap and amp, you can remove them and use the t-shirt as a t-shirt.
  • You don’t need to break a bank to own ThinkGeek Electronic Guitar Shirt.
  • The idea is brilliant, so it’s cool.


  • The sound quality is not as good as a real electric guitar.
  • Its sound can be annoying depending on who is playing it.
  • It might look stupid to some.

Why I recommend the ThinkGeek Electronic Guitar Shirt?:

The idea is brilliant and it’s fun to have this. Personally I had so much fun and other people around me had fun too. Just imagine you go to a party as a nobody with this t-shirt but after the party the impression you made on others is unforgettable. And I mean hilarious memory! Actually, you don’t even need to play it. People will always come around you to try it out. If you can play it, well and good, you might hijack someone’s concert.

It is that product you buy for yourself but everyone else around you enjoys it!


Would be glad to read your comments as to what you think of the Playable Electronic Rock Guitar shirt.


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16 thoughts on “Playable ThinkGeek Electronic Guitar Shirt Review – The fun way to socialize

  1. Hi,

    I never knew this existed. I have a few musical friends, sadly i do not have their talents. This could just be what I need to wear when going to meet up with them.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. That would definitely be great to wear for such occasions Catherine.
      Now you know where to get yourself a guitar shirt.
      Looking forward to your business.

  2. Such a cool thing to gift, would definitely like to get my hands on this one. I really loved the way you wrote about pros and cons.

  3. This is crazy! lol. I play guitar myself and this sounds like a crazy idea that I’d never have thought would work. Is upkeep difficult? Washing? I wish there was a video here to see and hear this in action. Awesome find!

  4. OMG I had NO IDEA This thing existed, I wish I knew about this earlier. I think this can be a wonderful christmas gift to your musician friends out there!

    Also, I LOVE this website, It is very unique!!

    1. Hi Duha,
      I’m glad I could help you discover one more rare item out there. It is never too late, you can always get the T-shirt and have fun or gift it to someone.

    1. Hello Keith,

      Thank you for visiting Bizarre Gifts and showing your love.
      To address your concern, the guitar shirt is washable. The electronics that comes with the guitar can be removed easily before washing. When washing make sure you remove the electronics parts and the T-shirt can be washed just like any other cloth.

  5. I have seen this on Think Geek a couple of times but I kept passing it by. I saw there was a review on it so I had to see what it was about. I actually do play guitar, so this would be right up my alley! If I can carry around a guitar all the time but have it be on my shirt? That does sound like one heck of a conversation starter. Have you heard what it sounds like?

    1. Hello All4Gamerz,

      Thank you for checking out my site and post. 

      The answer is Yes, I have heard how it sounds. You can listen to it from the you-tube links that are on the post. Please feel free to click. 

      But as I mentioned on the post, it can’t replace a good electric guitar but it can surprise most.

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