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Male Pee Emergency – Male Golfers’ Problem

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Male Pee Emergency – Male Golfers’ Problem

Ouch, We can't make it bro!

Irrespective of gender the human biology brings about the need to relieve ourselves. Dealing with such needs can be an issue depending on where we are and the situation we are in. In this post I would like to focus more on Male Pee Emergency among golfing men.


We all know how embarrassing it is when the need to relieve ourselves hit at a wrong place and a wrong time.

No matter how much we prepare to prevent such emergencies, we always fell victims of circumstances at one time or another. One such unpleasant circumstance is when out in the vast golf course and no chance to use the woods.

In such instances, the first common solution that comes instinctively to mind is to hold the pee fighting against the biological needs until you get to a place where you can let go. However, such temporary measures might not work if you are in the middle of a golf game unless you have a bucket full strategies to hold in pee. So arming yourself with the know-how, how might avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

How to Hold in Pee

There is a lot of discussion on how to hold in pee and you might have one or two handy strategies, but let’s look at some of the how to hold in pee strategies.

  • Change body position.

Repositioning your body help reduce the pressure that you might be experiencing. As you reposition yourself you need to feel which position feel more comfortable and stick to that for some time. While golfing, repositioning can be challenging as you need to move now and then. However, if you take advantage of the waiting periods between turns you can play around with different body positions to get you through the pee spell.

  • Increase your body temperature (Keep warm).

Our bodies tend to remove water from our bodies when it’s cold in order to keep warm. Likewise when it is warm our bodies keep in water to keep cool. Therefore, increasing your body temperature by keeping warm we tend to keep in water in our bodies much longer.


  • Urinary Distraction

Urinary distraction is to distract yourself from the pee pressure by thinking of something else. In other words, engage your mind with other things to trick the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is part of the brain that controls many of our bodily functions.

  • Envision closing your urethra

This is visualizing how the urethra closing functions to hold in pee. The importance of such visualization helps reduce the use of unnecessary pressure on the abdomen and the pelvis. In turn this reduces the pee pressure and focuses all the energy on the urethra opening.

  • Avoid liquids

Liquids are the enemy number one! When under pee duress, the bladder is already full. Adding more liquids will only cause more need to relieve yourself. Staying away from liquids even if you feel thirsty is safer.



  • Avoid laughing


Laughing brings about unnecessary body movement that stresses the abdomen. This condition is also known as incontinence stress. Such pressure adds to the pee pressure and makes it difficult to hold any longer.


  • Stay still

Any jarring movement or movement in general tend to put pressure on our abdomens just like the laughing case above. Avoiding such by staying still would help relieve stress. One way to stay still to is to cross your legs and keep one position for some time.


Consequences of Holding in Urine.

  1. Urinary Tract Problem


Simply holding pee doesn’t lead to urinary tract problems such UTI (urinary tract infection), but it is believed that keeping in urine for long periods encourage bacteria entry to the urinary tract. Once that happen a condition know as Urinary Tract Infection(UTI)occurs. UTI causes the following problems:

  • Persistent need to urinate.
  • Burning sensation while peeing.
  • Cloudy urine.
  • Blood in the urine.
  • Pelvic pain.
  • Strong smelling urine.

2. Increases the risk of infection and kidney disease for people with the following issues:



With all the risks that comes about from simply holding in urine on that game of golf is it worth it?

Bizarre Gifts just discovered a rare gift for golfing men that can solve their pee problems on the golf course.

The UroClub™

The UroClub™ is a portable urinary golf club. It was designed to look like a normal golf club to blend in well with other golf clubs and to provide the necessary disguise when relieving yourself.


How it works

It has a triple-sealed screw top and a hollow grip that can hold twice the amount normally urinated (about 500ml).

It comes with with a piece of towel like fabric that hangs down in fromt of your pants for privacy while in the act.

When the need arises, take the UroClub™ and slide it under the privacy fabric and your problem is gone!


Click to see the video


Please let me know what you think about The UroClub(TM).

Looking forward to reading your comments and answering any questions you might have.


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16 thoughts on “Male Pee Emergency – Male Golfers’ Problem

  1. Thank you for great information. My husband fits this category very well.
    It never fails that he has the urge at the wrong time every time. This will be a great investment for him.

    1. Thank you Ann, I am glad the UroClub might find a good home in your family. Please feel free to check other interesting items in Bizarre Gifts.

      Have a good day,


  2. Hi Khalfan,

    I must admit I was not expecting to find such a creative solution to urinary problems. Amazing! Great job with the article.

    1. Hi Ivan,
      Thanks a lot for taking time to read my post. I am glad my post is doing what I always dreamed of – helping people discover that one extra unusual gift.

  3. This was not a problem or a solution that I’d given much thought to, but my partner is a keen golfer so I look forward to sharing this info with him!

  4. I never thought about golfers having this problem. However it does happen to us all… having to go at the worse time. lol You really gave some good ways to hold it, I might try those myself. Good information! Thanks…

    1. Hi Ruth,
      Thank you for checking my post.
      I’m glad you found something useful on this post. We all need some strategies to beat the pressure when necessary.


  5. Wow, I couldn’t help but laugh while reading your post. But I certainly understand the issue. We women have that problem also. And I’ve actually tried all those methods except the bizarre gift you recommend. Men are so lucky they can actually make use of this gift. We females have to make a rush back to the clubhouse or the nearest portapotty. Good Article

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Thanks for checking out my post and commenting.
      When I was writing about the UroClub, I knew ladies might also be experiencing the same problem but anything that involves relieving oneself outside would hardly be acceptable to ladies.
      With that said, I am still searching around for a product that matches ladies. So if you find anything, let me know.

  6. Hey Khalfan, this is absolutely the funniest product I have ever seen. It actually made me laugh out loud. This could work as a gag gift and for it’s intended purpose. I’ll have to keep it in mind for my friends that golf.

    1. Hi Dexter,

      Thanks for checking out my site and commenting here. I agree with you that the UroClub can work as a hilarious Gag gift.
      But also there are people who might really need something like this in their lives.

      Please share it with your friends.

  7. Hi Khalfan

    I novel idea but I really can’t see it catching on, but it could be a fun gift to give as a joke.

    If the came up with something to use while driving a car that would be better for me I hate to stop when on a long journey.


    1. Thanks Bill for stopping by.
      I agree with you there in terms of catching on. It is more of a necessity good. Some people might need it more than others.
      During long drives it can come in handy but too long to use in a compact car I guess.

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