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Face Exercise Device – Facial Fitness Pao.

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Face Exercise Device – Facial Fitness Pao.

Facial Fitness Pao™

courtesy of MTG


A device that will make you simulate flying by nodding your head.

Facial Fitness Pao was made by a Nagoya based Japanese company called MTG. This company was established in 1996 and has a great reputation of making unique devices such as the SIXPAD™, RefaActive™ and MDNA SKIN™. So they know what they are doing!

Secondly, the device was previously endorsed by the famous football star Christiano Ronaldo, but ironically Ronaldo never put it in his mouth the way it was supposed to be used in most appearances probably because he didn’t want to look weird.

Before looking at Facial Fitness Pao™, let’s find out what is facial fitness or facial exercise first.

Facial Fitness – What is facial fitness?

Facial fitness, also known as facial toning or facial exercise is a physical therapy or cosmetic procedure that promises to increase facial muscle tone, alter the facial contours, and prevents muscle loss due to aging or paralysis.

Facial fitness exercises and techniques therefore help rejuvenate the face and they are normally used as a physical therapy for stroke victims and for victims of facial paralysis issues such as Bell ’s palsy.

So far there are two types of facial fitness exercises: active and passive face exercises.

  • Active facial exercises involve repeated voluntary contraction of facial muscles as seen in facial yoga.
  • Passive facial exercises are repeated contraction of facial muscles influenced by external forces such as flat metal electrodes with conductive gel.

As you might tell from the two types of facial exercises, the passive one is more popular. Can you guess why?

Naturally many adults care about what they do with their faces as they don’t want to show the weird side of their faces. Especially many ladies are quite sensitive about what their faces project in relation to their image. So going active is kind of weird when you think of what you have to do on that face of yours during the exercises. Just to get an idea, let’s watch what you need to do in facial yoga.


Now imagine doing such facial expressions at home in front of your family or in the company of others. Probably your friends and family might start considering taking you to a mental hospital.

History of facial fitness.

It is believed that facial fitness or facial exercises have been around for over 2000 years. Cleopatra is credited to have been practicing facial exercises by some historians. It is also believed that in ancient China, some empress used facial exercises but there is not much documented evidence.

In 1900 Sanford Bennet  published a book entitled “Exercising in Bed”. Sanford had a lot of health issues and at 50 he had a lot of wrinkles than people around that age. He tried all the conventional ways but failed. So he decided to exercise out of his predicament and by the age of 70 he looked young. He is always referred to as the man who got young at 70.

He developed 35 exercises within which there are a number of facial exercises. This became the corner stone of the facial exercises. It is believed that Sanford could have lived way longer than 85, it wasn’t for the road accident that killed him too soon.

For a glimpse of Sanford exercises, check out this clip.


Facial fitness development

Even after a great deal of research on the benefits of facial fitness that has been undertaken for years, there is still a lot of debate whether facial fitness really works. The debate is not only between scientist and the others; there is a rift among the scientists as well such that some doctors have written strongly against facial toning saying that body weight is directly related to facial toning. In fact a renowned facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel based in Boston advocates against facial fitness in relation to workouts targeting the whole body weight.

However, don’t get discouraged as there is a lot of historical information out there that suggests it works and recently (January 2018) the North Western University of Illinois’ scientists have found early evidence that a free and non-invasive technique can actually make people’s faces look visibly younger in just 20 weeks – facial yoga.

Facial Fitness Pao– How it works.

The product works like a dumbbell. It comes with 3 sets of colorful balance weights – Mint Green, Pink and Rose Gold. The mint green is the lightest at 18g, then the pink at 23g and the final one and the heaviest Rose gold at 28gm.

Facial Fitness Pao - boxed
Courtesy of T.Loh

The idea is to start with the lightest one and build up to the heaviest ones with times.

The balance bar is very flexible yet stiff and has a protruding mouth piece with ergonomic lips rest that you insert in your mouth and grab it tightly with your lips.

Facial Fitness Pao
Courtesy of T. Loh

The mouth piece is detachable for hygienic purposes, meaning that you can remove it for washing before and after use. It also comes with a mouth piece cover to keep the mouth piece clean between uses.



-First get out the balance bar and select the weights you would like to use.

Make sure you use weights of the same color (correct pair) unless you want to have a jugular face.

-Then Insert the weights of your choice in the weight slots.

-Next stand upright and insert the Facial Fitness Pao device into your mouth and grab the mouth piece with your lips at the lips rest making a tight O around it.

-Once the device is well gripped make a suction movement and suck in all the air in your mouth to make an even tighter grip. At this stage your cheeks should sink in before the next step.

– Finally start nodding and the flaps will start moving up and down working out your facial muscles. As you make the nodding movement, don’t forget to breathe naturally through your nose.


Important Note:

Active facial exercises are non-invasive and very natural. They are cheap and accessible to anyone. The only price one need to pay is to be weird through making strange faces or use a bizarre device.

Now that you know a bit of facial fitness, what do you think of active facial fitness?

And would you consider getting a bizarre device like the Facial Fitness Pao™?

Let me know your take on facial fitness and the Facial Fitness Pao™ by leaving your comments below.


10 thoughts on “Face Exercise Device – Facial Fitness Pao.

  1. Hah, I hope Ronaldo was well paid for that commercial! The one with the woman doing the facial exercises is the funniest video I’ve seen in a long time! Thanks for that! 🙂

    1. Thanks Donna,
      I am sure Ronaldo got paid well as he is on advertisement for about three more products from MTG.
      I am glad you enjoyed the facial yoga video, it cracked me up as well!


  2. This is a really interesting post. It is something that I have not really heard of before. Can I ask how much I would look at spending for a passive option. Thanks.

    1. Passive options depends on your pocket. You can start with creams and lotions but as you know it all depends on the quality. Then you can graduate to devices or you can use them in combination with creams. The devices also depend on the brands and quality. Currently Nuface is one of the high end passive devices. Check it out.

  3. Great Post! I would definitely not do any of those facial yoga movements in front of anyone, as you stated, they would probably try to put me in a mental institution for doing so. LOL

    Do you know if the facial yoga help prevents smile lines?

    1. Thanks Brandi for your input. I know many people won’t dare do the facial Yoga in the open.

      As for taking away the smile lines, that’s the price we pay for any exercises. There is always something unpleasant that comes with any exercise, but the benefits outweigh the negatives in most cases. Doing things in moderation is a good idea.

  4. What an interesting device. I wonder what will be the feeling after doing it.
    I may need to get one.
    Definitely is very beneficial as it seems, and your post explains very clearly the better of this device.
    Well done!

    1. Hi Pablo,

      Thanks for checking out my post and leaving a comment.

      To answer your question, after using the facial fitness Pao you will feel face worked out for sure. You will notice the muscles on the face that you didn’t know about. You can get the same feeling with facial Yoga. You can try facial yoga for free. Just go to any facial Yoga site and follow their instructions. However, using the device is much much easier than doing the face yoga postures.

  5. Hi Khalfish

    I can’t believe it they got Ronaldo to do this. This is very interesting and I have not heard of this before.

    Looks like a product to watch out for. I know that Sanford looked younger at 70 so my question to you is;

    Do these exercises get rid of wrinkles if done over time?


    1. Hi Khayyam,

      Yes the exercises get rid of wrinkles over time. There are a number of researches that have proved that and the idea of facial fitness is not new. Many ladies use electronic facial fitness devices to help smooth out wrinkles.

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