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Eggs and Freshness – with the Egg Minder gadget

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Eggs and Freshness – with Egg Minder gadget


Eggs are one of the most common breakfast meal all over the world.

Depending on preferences there are many ways to prepare and serve eggs such as boiled, poached, fried, scrambled, raw and so on. Sorry if I missed your favorite choice.

Fresh breakfast
Photo courtesy of Dan Gold and Quirky

Nevertheless, one thing we all agree upon is that we want our eggs fresh!

Like any other product, eggs have their shelf lives beyond which they get contaminated. However, expiry is not the only contaminant factor, eggs can get contaminated within the hen and such eggs are contaminated when freshly laid. Also poor egg storage can cause contamination.


Egg Contamination – Salmonella

The main contaminant of fresh eggs is the bacteria Salmonella. This bacterium is the most common food poisoning agent and claims a lot of lives among the young and the elderly. Although at a first glance it might seem impossible to eat that one contaminated egg given the statistics that only 1 in 20,000 eggs are contaminated by Salmonella, actually given the humongous daily consumption volume, the probability of eating the 20,000th egg is quite high. According to the US FDA  (Food and Drug Administration) 79,000 of food borne illness and 30 deaths in the US each year are caused by eating eggs contaminated with Salmonella.


The other causes of contamination are more biological –spoilage. Although spoilage is not linked to food poisoning per se, it produces bacteria such as pseudomonas  that can make one’s stomach sick.

Anyway, thanks to the good farming practices in some countries that we don’t have to worry much about contaminated freshly laid eggs as there is a process in place to detect and get rid of them before going to the final consumer. However, there is a concern after the purchase of fresh eggs.

I know some might disagree here, especially those in countries that enforce disclosure of expiry dates on the eggs, but incredibly there are still many countries that don’t enforce such disclosures hence making estimating eggs’ shelf lives quite a gamble.

In addition, the expiry dates shown on eggs in countries that enforce disclosures are in many instances shorter than the actual shelf lives. Thus, strictly following expiry dates in such countries amount to unnecessary wastes.


Eggs’ shelf life

Fresh eggs have a shelf life 7 to 10 days but that depends a lot on the weather. For instance in Alaska shelf life for fresh eggs would be much longer while somewhere in the desert would be way shorter. On the other hand refrigerated shelf life for eggs is said to be somewhere around 30 to 35 days. Although being in the know of such shelf life times is good, it is difficult to actually know when the egg was actually laid when buying it from the stores in many countries. In addition the expiry period for egg white is different from that of egg yolk complicating the whole idea of eggs expiry dates.


With all these complications, this is where the Egg Minder gadget and app come in handy.



The Egg Minder – a Bizarre gadget that keeps count of your eggs and measure freshness remotely.


Egg Minder
The Egg Minder – Photo Courtesy of Amazon



First, I would like to thank GE and Quirky for coming up with such a bizarre but thoughtful gadget – the Egg Minder.


The Egg minder is an egg tray with a sleek design that can hold 14 eggs. The tray has sensors that detect the presence of an egg and freshness. The sensors can wirelessly transmit the information from the tray once requested upon through an application that is downloadable to smart phones and other devices.


The smart phone app has an image of the Egg minder tray and once the app and the Egg minder are synched the image will show how many eggs are on the tray at their respective positions and would detect if they are good to eat or not.


Egg Minder in action.




Though the Egg Minder’s strangeness might look more like a gag gift, it is a very thoughtful product and necessary for our daily lives. Do you think you need a gadget like this in your life?

Tell me what you think or how you felt about this product.

What do you think about the Egg Minder?

Is the Egg Minder really necessary in our lives?

Would you like to have it?


I am looking forward to reading and responding to all your comments.


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12 thoughts on “Eggs and Freshness – with the Egg Minder gadget

  1. I’m still kind of boggled with this gizmo. I watched the video and everything! I need to get rid of some of the apps I already have on my phone-do I want an egg app? I’m really curious if it can actually detect the freshness of the eggs as well? What’s your take on it? Would you buy it?
    And to answer your question. I do not believe the egg minder is for me. lol

    1. Thanks Jennifer for your input.
      To Answer your question, yes I would like this gadget given the price tag of about $10 and it’s usefulness. I hate waking up in the morning only to find out I am low on eggs. And I guess you know how it feels when you are on your way home and stopped by the grocery and you are not sure if you have eggs at home or not.
      I also read a comment somewhere that the reaction you get for Egg Minder is worth the price tag (laughs).

  2. This is a very informative post! I had no idea the expiration date was inaccurate so Thank you for clarifying. This gadget looks pretty neat and I can see why people would find this useful.

    1. Hello Aria,

      Thanks for your comments on my post. I find the gadget quite useful as far as the egg count is concerned and which egg is good to eat. I am not so sure how accurate it tests freshness, but I think from the time you put in Eggs the count down starts. So it’s good not to move around the eggs on the tray as the gadget might get confused.

      1. Ahhh, okay. Well that definitely would make sense if you don’t want to confuse the timer. I wouldn’t want to crack into a spoiled egg!

        I still think this is an excellent idea! Plus, how many people move eggs around in the tray on a regular basis anyway? Doesn’t seem like a very likely scenario, which is a good thing because it means probably not a lot of people will have an issue with the timer changing on them.

        1. Hi Aria,
          Yes, you are right. People normally don’t move eggs around so that isn’t a concern as such.
          And yeah, it is an excellent idea!

  3. I had never heard of this gadget before. It is really remarkable. I have chickens and having a few of these might help me to keep track of their freshness.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. An interesting article to read. The egg minder looks very well made and a sleek looking product. It has got handy features of checking the freshness. Without this it can be unknown. It is great that it can link up to an app on your mobile phone, which is becoming more and more popular.

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