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Weird Umbrellas – Weird in a cool way!

Weird Umbrellas

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In the spirit of finding that next bizarre item or gift, I stumbled upon weird umbrellas that look cool on Amazon site. However, before introducing the weird Umbrellas I thought it would be good to look at the Umbrella culture first, then a bit of Umbrella history before diving in into the weird Umbrellas.

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Umbrellas’ Culture

Umbrellas are a necessity that we can do without as long as we don’t mind getting wet or as long as we have another option to shield ourselves from unpleasant torrents. Continue reading “Weird Umbrellas – Weird in a cool way!”

Goatee and Man – weird shaving kits

Do you grow a goatee?

If you do, you know what is a goatee but probably you can’t explain verbally what it is. So let’s start by defining a goatee.

What is a goatee?

A goatee by modern standards is facial hair around the mouth and chin but not the cheeks. The most important aspect of goatees is that the facial hair should cover the chin just like a billy-goat and form a tuft. Actually the name goatee was derived from the Billy goat.


a goatee

History of the Goatee.

It is believed in the ancient Geek mythology there once lived a Greek god by the name pantheon, in short Greek god pan. He was half human and half a goat. He had a giant billy-goat’s head. This is thought to be the source of goatees among men in the medieval times.

Greek god Pan

However, with the coming of Christianity, paganism was associated to Satan. When Christians dominated Greece, they depicted the medieval pictures of Satan with a goatee and a goatee was kind of unacceptable.

In the 19th century, the rebellious Bohemians in France popularized goatee again. The bohemians were known for their unorthodox lifestyle which was more like the hippies but perhaps well organized as a community of like minds.

In the US the Bohemian like subculture known as beatnik came under the influence of a renown poet and author Jack Kerouac’s works in the 1950s. The beatniks, with their vagabond life style, popularized the goatee in the US.

Goatee styles

It is a daunting task to characterize all the goatee styles that have ever existed. If you happen to keep a goatee, maybe you have your own original style that you are proud of but not yet documented. Nevertheless, there are a few styles that stood up the test of time and almost every barber and goatee masters (those who keep goatees) know about them.

  • A chin puff – Is the facial hair growing from the chin directly beneath the mouth. It is like a strip sticking on the chin and well trimmed to avoid the overhang under the chin.

A chin puff


  • A beard strap and a chin strap – A chin strap is a narrow line of hair on the chin that appears like a strap. A beard strap is more common, it is a narrow line of hair that goes round the chin and to the sides to form a helmet like strap.

A beard strap

  • A goatee – Is a tuft of hair under the chin without a moustache as shown earlier on this article.
  • Circle beard – This is a goatee in which the moustache is allowed to connect to the hair on the chin.

A circle beard

  • Soul patch – This is a kind of tiny chin puff that hangs immediately beneath the mouth but does not extend down towards the chin.

A soul patch

  • Fu Manchu beard – Is more like a horse shoe beard popularized by the likes of Hulk hogan, but it’s much narrower. Fu Manchu was a fictional Chinese master criminal character created by Sax Rhomer in 1911.

A Fu Manchu


Why do men grow goatees?


Goatees have a number of merits especially if the goatee is well taken care of that is. Here are some five reasons why men grow goatees.

1) Many ladies like goatees or they get attracted to well maintained goatees. So growing goatees increases a chance of a man getting that lady next door.

2) Goatees are kind of branding tools where men use them as their personal identity. Branding exudes confidence and personality.


3) Goatees are much easier to maintain compared to beards. That brings out the aspect of convenience.


4) Any facial hair gives men that masculinity edge. Goatees give that edge in an easier to maintain manner.


5) Goatees can act as face lifts to hide any unpleasant facial structures

Weird goatee tools – unusual gifts for men.

  • The goatee saver –. A company named goatee saver came up with a shaving template called My Perfect Goatee. The template ensures a Symmetrical shave  without the need of a mirror. To learn more about goatee saver check out the link below.

  • Groomarang – As you might have guessed the name was coined from the words “groom” and “boomerang”. The product looks like a boomerang. It’s a beard shaping template with a comb and a brush. To learn more about the product, check out the link below.

What do you think about the shaving kits above? Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

If you have any suggestions for strange shaving kits that you may have come across please let us know.


Title: Weird and health – 5 things that makes weird healthy

5 things that makes weird healthy

First of all, the line between weird and normal is so thin many a time. Most of us make a lot of effort to conform to the norm to the extent of losing our bearings as to what is normal from what is weird.

Remember the school years, especially the middle school and high school-days where the word weird could mean the end of someone’s life and everyone tried to avoid anything that might be called-up as weird?

By Austin Pacheco



And to add to the whole confusion, what has been weird for what seemed like eternity, turns cool in a fly when done by the so called cool guys at school.

Although we can argue that after high school things changed much more to the better, but actually the mentality of conforming to the norm is still there in work places, social lives and everywhere we go we never miss such.

Okay, I’m not asking you to be weird but would like you to see how many weird stuff and weird times you might have missed pretending to be normal out of fear of getting branded a weirdo.

Without further ado, here is why weird is healthy.

1) Weird is normal

Weird and normal are subjective and relative to each other so there is nothing like weird. In other words weird is another way to look at normal. This is clearly seen in differences in culture. We call some cultures weird based on our perspective and in return such weird cultures see us as weird of sorts. In general, we tend to resist new things or things we think are not the usual. Sometimes this is based on what we grew up believing or the peer pressure.

2) Weird is genius

Weird is a gift in the sense that most intellect people who came up with great invention and innovations were weird. Their weird minds operate in a kind of different wavelength that makes them think out of the box. Weird minds question the norm and come up with solutions that common people hardly think of. So learn to take advantage of the weird power with in you.


by Quino Al

Remember great people like Mozart, Einstein, Zuckeberg, Bill Gates and so on were once weird but they harnessed their strengths.

3) Embrace who you are.

Personality is identity. Understanding who you are and accepting goes a long way as far as a person’s confidence to tackle issues is concerned. Resisting who you really are through pretense would make you life dark and would end up killing you real potential. Therefore, accepting who you are is healthy both mentally and physically. If weirdness characterize you then go for it and be yourself.

4) Weird is beautiful.

Weirdness being unique, there is that innocence that comes with it. The kind of happy go lucky,  oblivious of the norms or disregarding the norms. This is what I refer to as beautiful. It might not be the literary beauty that we might associate with weird but we can’t argue that when the weird power is well harnessed a beautiful product is on the way.

By Charles Deluvio

5) Weird memory is memorable.

What do you remember most when you meet up with you former high schoolers or middle schoolers? I bet the most hilarious of the memories are the memories of weird acts or weird situations. That means weird memories in actual sense create tougher bonding among friends. It is easy to forget that normal person in class rather than the weird one along the way.

by Yns-plt

With that said it doesn’t mean we have to be weird or change who we are. Remember pretending to be normal is a lie in itself and unhealthy. Likewise, pretending to be weird is unhealthy too. However, we can still enjoy the beauty of weird, weird the genius, the memorable weird and being our real self through the power of weird or unusual gifts.

I hope you are now fired up to look for that one more weird gift for men or an unusual gift for women or for both.

Looking forward to reading you comments.

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Why Bizarre Gifts?

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