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About Bizarre Gifts

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The man behind Bizarre Gifts

I go by the name Khalfish. I am original from Kenya but my permanent home is Japan for the past 17 years.

I am an educator, teaching English as a second language to business people in and around Tokyo.

My interests are the stock market, E-commerce(drop shipping), soccer, motorcycling, and middle and long distance running.


Why Bizarre Gifts?

Bizarre or weird gifts have a knack to bring out interest feelings among us. It can be a simple giggle, a smile or a laugh in some cases or it can be a sense of repulsion, a disgust and annoyance. However, what stands out most is the creativity that comes with such goods. No matter how we react, there is that special thing about the idea behind such goods that makes them hilarious at best.

The Goal

The goal of my site is to create a spot where we can discover that next bizarre gift and enjoy the emotions that comes with it while appreciating the creative minds behind such weird goods.

How I could make this site

(I added this bit after my progress so far, I hope it will help you!)
I wanted to make a website but had no clues, then I found a platform that offered free tutorial and two free website for a start. I thought I had nothing to lose so I signed up. Within 2 weeks of learning, my site got indexed and some of my posts. The is over 300 hours of expert education. This is the platform that I 100% recommend:

You will never walk alone in this digital quagmire again!


Khalfan  (Khalfish)

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